Review of Odd Duck by Cecil Castellucci & Sara Varon

I won this book from a giveaway on If you haven’t heard of the site, it’s a social networking website for readers and authors. You can see what books are coming out, what books your friends are reading and keep track of the books you’re reading or want to read.

This a cute story about embracing our differences and it shows that if everyone was the same, life would be boring. The story begins with a duck named Theadora who goes about her daily routine without ever changing. Then a duck named Chad moves in next door and her world changes. At first she thinks he’s really odd, but eventually they become friends. They end up having an argument over who the other ducks were referring to as odd and don’t speak for awhile before eventually making amends. Theodora realizes that they’re both odd in their own ways and that it makes their lives more interesting.
It may be about ducks, but a lot of the themes (friendship, accepting people for who they are, etc.) are relevant.  Sara Varon’s illustrations are well done and they really enhance the story.