Review of Uninvited by Amanda Marrone

Uninvited is about a girl named Jordan who’s life is a mess. Her and her friends drink and do drugs, her mom doesn’t seem to care about her, and her dead ex-boyfriend haunts her at night.

Most of the characters aren’t very likeable.  The mom is an insensitive snob who tells Jordan that Michael (the dead bf) wouldn’t of left or killed himself if she had been prettier and tried harder to look nice. Great parenting, lady.  Her friends, with the exception of Rachel and Lisa, are shallow and catty.  Rachel likes to read self help books and dye her hair purple. She ends up being the only one of the group that’s an actual friend.  Lisa is Jordan’s childhood best friend whom everyone thinks has been to rehab, but she was really at a cancer treatment center.  Jordan herself is a mess for most f the book.  She’s bummed about dumping Micahel, his death, her friends, her failed relationship with a guy named Danny, etc.  She actually considers letting Michael in because she’s convinced that he’d kill her.

The book is really slow until the night of the party, which is about 3/4 of the way in.  The party is the start of Jordan’s wake up call after she is almost forced into having sex by the guy she was drunkenly making out with. When she gets home she finds her friend Lisa in her room and she wants to know how she got there. Apparently she still had a key, but she’s really freaked out because she saw Michael.  Jordan explains that he’s a vampire and tells Lisa everything that has been going on for the past few months.  Lisa goes home and Jordan goes to sleep. After sleeping most of the day, Jordan finds out that Lisa is missing.

She asks Rachel to drive her to the beach to look for her and explains about Michael being a vampire.  Rachel believes her and they stop to get some holy water.  Once they get to the beach a big fight takes place where everyone gets banged up and Lisa is almost drained of all her blood. She had offered herself to Michael in place of Jordan.  They kill Michael and then the book skips to a few months after the incident.

Jordan has to walk with a cane because Michael screwed up her leg, Rachel and Lisa are fine, and Danny, a boy that she had liked, comes over to help her cut down the tree by her window.

I like that Jordan goes from being a drunk to being able to stand up for herself. It just sucks that it takes almost being raped and almost losing her best friend to a vampire to wake her up.  I also sort of like Rachel’s character. I just wish the author didn’t wrap everything up in 4 or 5 pages.

Overall, it was a quick read with a semi-different plot than most YA vampire books.





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