Review of A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

The author gave me a free e-book copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

I thought the book was ok and I would read the second one.  It’s about a girl named Sophia who is kidnapped at the beach and brought to The Shade, a vampire island that is in permanent darkness.  She becomes the personal slave of Prince Derek Novak, who has just woken up after sleeping for 400 years.  At first he treats her like a slave, but eventually he starts treating her more like an equal and does some things to make her happy, such as letting her spend time with the other slave girls and design a room in the palace.  However, his creepy brother, Lucas, is always after Sophia because he’s the one who brought her to The Shade.

I feel like Sophia might have Stockholm Syndrome instead of actual feelings for Derek, but she’s a pretty resilient character.  I was sort of surprised when she stayed. I would’ve been like “Freedom!”  Lucas is a complete douche though.  I don’t like that he’s never punished for what he does (sexually harass and molest Sophia).  I understand why Derek didn’t kill him, but there should’ve been some kind of punishment. I like the character Corrine.  She’s a smart and sassy witch who’s her own person instead of letting the vampires own her.


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