Review of The Medium by C.J. Archer

The Medium by C.J. Archer is about a girl named Emily Chambers who is a medium living in historic London.  Her and her sister, Celia, perform séances for people.  During one of the séances, a demon is unleashed from an amulet that Celia purchased from a street vendor. The book is the story of the events that followed.

I like Emily’s character because she’s not a ditsy society girl.  She’s intelligent and has a mind of her own.  Unfortunately, that gets her into trouble as it wasn’t considered ladylike during the time in which she lived and she has to be accompanied by a male most of the time.  Her and Jacob are the main characters, while George and Celia are kind of secondary characters.  George is featured more than Celia though.

Jacob is a spirit sent from the Otherworld (spirit realm) to help her catch the demon and Emily is also trying to solve the mystery of his murder.  He’s different from most spirits because he appears solid to her instead of see-through like the other spirits.  She can also touch him. The two end up having feelings for each other and grow closer as things get more dangerous.

George Culvert is an expert in demonology and helps Emily a lot by escorting her places and helping her get meetings with suspects.  He has feeling for her, which she doesn’t return, and I felt a bad for him.  He ends up being a good friend to her though.

The story itself is pretty good.  It slowed down a little bit near the halfway point, but picked right back up and had some good action in the second half.  I feel like this book can be read on it’s own, but I want to read the rest of the trilogy.  The kindle edition is currently free on Amazon.


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