Hi, everyone! If you read or follow my blog, please let me know how I’m doing. Are the reviews long enough? Do they give enough information about the books? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Just click the title to comment.


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Tanie's Reviews

I love reading, listening to music, watching wrestling and spending time with my friends and family. I read mostly Young Adult books and I love paranormal books, especially vampire ones. I am originally from Connecticut, but I live in Maryland now. I have a book buying habit and I'm addicted to the book section of my local thrift shop.

4 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. I think you’re doing a good job as well. I just added two to my TBR list thanks to you – and they were both books that I may not have even noticed on my own, so your review is greatly appreciated.

    I have one suggestion – and you can take it or leave it – especially since I don’t do it (but I’m planning on it). Add a link to the book. That way people can easily go check out what you have read. Someone suggested that to me so I’m passing on the suggestion to a fellow book blogger (and a pretty awesome chick too :D).

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