Review of Hunted by P.C. and Kristin Cast (House of Night #5)

As a warning, this review has some spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

This book is my favorite of the series so far. I think I said that about Tempted, but this one is even better.  You really learn more about the characters since the first few chapters take place in the tunnels underneath a depot building and consist mostly of conversations..  The Red fledglings are introduced and given names and personalities instead of just being called “Red Fledglings” or “undead dead kids”, which I liked.
After the events of the last book, Zoey and her friends are forced to return to the House of Night and the evil that awaits them.  When they arrive, the school is much different and darker than they left it. Kids and teachers seem to be brain washed by Kalona, a fallen angel, and Neferet, their High Priestess who has turned evil. None of the kids really talk and everyone is completely enamored with Kalona and Stark, who is now a red fledgling. Raven Mockers, Kalona’s bird/man children, guard the exits and the classes. Zoey and her friends quickly realize that they need to get out of there, but how can they escape?
As usual, Zoey has some boy-drama, but its mixed into the story and doesn’t seem out of place for her character…who might be starting a harem.
The last few chapters of the book are really great and I’ve already ordered the next two.  Has anyone else read this series? If so, what do you think of it?

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A Review of Untamed (House of Night #4) by P.C. & Kristin Cast

 Untamed is book 4 in  the House of Night series and, in my opinion, this has been one of the better books in the series so far.  It has a lot of action and four new characters are introduced: Kalona, Stark, Sister Mary Angela, and Shekinah.
   In this book, major secrets were revealed to the students of the House of Night and all hell broke lose. The ending made me really want to start the next book, which I did as soon as I finished this one.
   I liked seeing a different side of Aphrodite. It shows that she really does care about other people.  I love anytime Zoey’s Gramma is mentioned and she’s around a lot in this one.  She’s a great character and sort of reminds me of my own Gramma.  She’s always there for Zoey and her friends and keeps Zoey grounded when things are crazy, which has been all the time lately.
  I don’t want to give too much away, but this book really furthers the story of Zoey and her friends along while keeping the story fresh and exciting.  My one complaint is that I really wish Jack would stop crying every three seconds.  It’s amazing that he gets anything done.

Review of Bad Cat: 244 Not-So-Pretty Kitties and Cats Gone Bad by Jim Edgar

Bad Cat is a book of pictures that were submitted for publication in the cat-a-day calendars and didn’t make the cut. This book is hilarious! I laughed or smiled most at most of the pictures.
Each photo is accompanied by a “profile” with the name, age and hobby of the cat, such as “Gary, Age: 9, Hobbies: Racing back and forth in the upstairs hall.” Not all of them were funny but, in my opinion, at least 3/4s of them were. A few of the photos have swear words or suggestive language, so it’s not exactly suitable for children. It actually has the warning “Kids, stay away!” in the introduction.
In the future, if I’m ever having a bad day, I’ll be able to flip through this and find something funny. Some of the outfits these poor kitties were put into really made me question their owners’ judgment, but I’d recommend this book to adult cat lovers everywhere.
This is one of the ones that I liked: