Review of Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal by Mick Foley

The book was good, but was a bit sadder and more serious than Foley’s previous books. Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal chronicles the months leading up to Mick’s match against Sting at TNA’s Lockdown pay-per-view. He expresses all of his worries, fears and doubts leading up to the match. His acceptance of his diminished in-ring abilities is honest, yet sad.

He mixes in humor with serious subjects and the book switches between past and present. Past being his last year or so in the WWE and how he felt about his departure from the company. He also talks about his charity work, which made me like him even more. The fact that he takes the time to go to Sierra Leone and Mexico to visit children that he sponsors and to help build schools is really cool. Stateside, he meets with Make A Wish kids and volunteers for RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network).  He had a chapter in the book called “Open Letter” that’s full of excellent advise for current or aspiring wrestlers.  It discusses the importance of having something to fall back on. In another chapter he gives his thoughts on steroid use in the business.

Reading about his various matches was neat because it was like re-watching the ones that I’ve seen.  I also like how he’s a fan of the Hardy Boyz and the Motor City Machine Guns, two of my favorite tag teams.

I’d recommend this for Foley’s fans and for anybody who has been a fan of professional wrestling in the past 20 years.


Catching Up

I apologize to anyone who follows this blog for disappearing for a month.  I went on vacation from April 27th to May 3rd and when I got back I went right back to work and my eBay starting picking up.  I have three book reviews to post and I just started Destined by P.C. & Kristin Cast.  I’ll post those as soon as I can. How has everyone been? Does anyone actually read this?

Review of 1,001 Tips For Writers by William A. Gordon


I won this book through the First Reads program on Goodreads. It’s a book of quotes by authors and industry people on various subjects such as editing, pubishing and, of course, writing. Some of the authors featured in the book are Mark Twain, Jodi Picoult, Tom Clancy and Kurt Vonnegut.

The quotes provide tips and advice for new writers and writers in general. Some of them were funny and I smiled or chuckled a few times while reading this. If you’re looking for an interesting read, some encouragement while writing or just really like quotes, this would be a great book for you.

My favorite quote from the book is ‘”Need we totally scorn mere escapism?… The trivial novel may be taking someone’s mind off illness, injury, the loneliness of old age or the turmoil of adolescence. There are times when human beings need to put their feet up and relax.” – Marjorie Boulton, The Anatomy of A Novel.’ (pg. 65)   I’ve always loved being able to escape into a good book.