Review of Destined by P.C. and Kristin Cast (House of Night #9)

I liked this book much better than the last one.  Zoey and her friends are still fighting Neferet, but they gain a new ally and I think she’ll be a great help to them. Three new characters are introduced and another character is killed. I was kind of sad about it.

I like that Aurox tries to think for himself, even though he’s evil, and that Thanantos knows the truth about what happened on Grandma Redbird’s farm. Zoey’s Grandma has been one of my favorite characters for the whole series. I’m interested in the new fledgling’s gift and I want to see how it’ll play into the storyline. I need to get the next 2 books in the series before the last one comes out.

I like that the characters were a bit nicer to Aphrodite in this one. I actually kind of like her character.  Her visions have been very helpful.  It was odd that Shaunee and Erin had a fight, but I like Shaunee better on her own. She’s nicer and less annoying.  Kalona is still around and he seems like he’s trying to be a better person. I don’t trust him though.

If you liked the rest of the series, you’ll like this one.


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