Review of Struck By Lightning by Chris Colfer

I don’t exactly agree with the main character’s actions, or his opinion of goths, but I liked him.  I actually laughed out loud a few times.  I like that he second-guessed himself and had some remorse about what he was doing.  It showed that he really does have a heart and a conscience, despite his claims that he doesn’t. I found myself rooting for him and I really hoped that his plan would work.  It’s neat that the literary magazine is included in the book. Nicholas’ poem was my favorite.

I really loved his relationship with his grandmother because I’m also close with my gramma.  His mother is a mess though.  She’s easily the worst character in the book and she won’t be winning any Mother of the Year awards anytime soon.

The book is a pretty quick read (It only took me a day to read it.)  I wasn’t sure what to expect because the author plays Kurt on Glee.  I had actually gone to the library t get a different book, which they didn’t have, but I’m really happy that I got this one.  After reading the book, I definitely want to see the movie and I’ve already added it to my queue on Netflix.


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