Review of Save Yourself: A Novel by Kelly Braffet


I received this book from the Blogging For Books program in exchange for this review.

Save Yourself is a novel about a guy named Patrick who’s a depressed social outcast.  The book starts off with some background on him, his family and their living situation. Then it introduces the other two main characters: Caro (Patrick’s brother’s girlfriend) and Verna Elshere (Layla’s sister). One night Patrick is leaving work and a goth girl named Layla Elshere is waiting by his car. She’s decided that they should be friends simply because Patrick’s dad “killed that Czerpak kid.” Everything goes downhill from there.

Throughout the book I had times where I was happy and sad for each character, though I was sad for Patrick most of the time. The guy had just given up. He didn’t care about himself, his job or much else. When he starts fooling around with Layla I just wanted to shake him and ask what he was doing. With Verna, I could see that she just wanted to fit in, but I felt bad for her because of the mess that Layla got her into. Caro is just a mess in general.

The author did a really good job on the characters, plot and setting. The POV switches were done flawlessly and I was never confused about who’s pov I was reading. We (the readers) are able to see different perspectives of the same situation through each characters’ eyes. This is used a lot in the climax of the book, which was sad and crazy. I’m happy that Patrick got his happy ending, but I really wish it had been in an easier way. That wasn’t going to happen in this book though.

I’d recommend this to anyone who likes character driven novels that are a little, or a lot, dark.  The book has a lot of violence near the end, so you might not like this if that’s not your thing.


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