Review of Confessions From A Coffee Shop by T.B. Markinson

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Confessions From A Coffee Shop is about a girl named Cori who lives in Boston with her girlfriend, Kat, and works 3 jobs.  Kat has a bit of a spending habit and thus they’re in debt.  She also has to deal with her melodramatic mother and she needs to finish her novel.

I like the main character, even if I don’t understand the way she thinks sometimes.  Her mom is a bit difficult, but I like her aunt.  I spent most of the book being annoyed at her girlfriend, Kat, but I liked her a bit more by the end.  I think Harold was a fun character just because of how clueless he is.  Sam and Lucy are nice as well.  I sort of thought Cori was going to try to cheat on Kat with Sam, but I’m happy that I was wrong. My least favorite character in the book was Kat’s dad, Phineas Finn. He’s a pompous jerk.  He just informed Cori that she was working for him now.  Both of Kat’s parents were boring and frigid, though I think that was the point.

I loved Cori’s “inner dialogue.”  I think that part was really well done.  She’s pretty introverted most of the time, unless alcohol is involved.  I just wish she wouldn’t have blamed herself for Kat’s spending habits.  It really wasn’t her fault. If I was her, I would’ve cancelled the credit card account.  I like that she’s vegetarian too.  I might be a bit biased though since I’m also a vegetarian.  I really liked Cori’s relationship with her father.  I like that her and her mom do stuff together too, but books don’t seem to show nice father/daughter relationships.

I figured out one part of the story before it was revealed, but that didn’t make me like it any less.  The book was a light read and I read most of it in one night.  The ending was cute. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes romance.


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