Review of Thirsty by M.T. Anderson

This was another thrift store find. I had it marked as Read on Goodreads, but I don’t remember reading t, so I decided to actually read it/read it again. This is an odd book. Not really bad or good, just odd. The book is about a boy named Christopher who lives in Massachusetts with his family. Vampires exist there along with a few other creatures. In this place, you don’t have to be bitten to be turned into a vampire. It just happens sometimes.

Chris is basically an outcast at school. He has two friends, Tom and Jerk, his life at home isn’t fun and he just wants Rebecca Schwartz to notice/date him.  Sounds like your average teenager, but Chris seems to be turning into a vampire.  When he’s offered help from someone in exchange for a small favor, how can he say no? Unfortunately, that decision makes things even more confusing and dangerous for him.

I really can’t go in to much detail without spoiling everything, but I thought it was an ok book. The writing style is pretty unique, and a little repetitive, but I kind of liked it once I got used to it.  I figured out where things were going pretty quickly and I found the ending predictable.


Review of The New Art of Capturing Love: The Essential Guide to Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography by Kathryn Hamm & Thea Dodds


I received his book from Blogging For Books in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

The New Art of Capturing Love is a really nice book.  It explains how photo shoots for gay and lesbian couples need to be shot differently than ones for straight couples, some ways to make the couples comfortable and idea for photos. It also has a glossary of LGBTQ terms, which I liked.

The photos in the book are all really nice and were perfect examples for each of the things that the authors were demonstrating (lighting, height difference, poses, etc). Below each photo the authors have included what kind of camera they used and what the settings were. One of my favorite photos in the book is of the male couple walking while one carries a large rainbow umbrella. It’s a great photo!

I think this book is an excellent guide for professional and amateur photographers, whether their photographing weddings, couples or any other subject.

Review of Born To Rock by Gordon Korman

Born to Rock is about a high school senior named Leo.  He lives in Connecticut, is a member of the Young Republicans, does campaign work for a local politician and will be attending Harvard. Well, he would’ve been attending Harvard if he hadn’t lost his scholarship.  Now his future is up in the air. He finds out that his real father is the singer in a famous punk band and decides that he has to meet him.

He ends up joining the band on their cross-country tour as a roadie and has a crazy summer.  I like the main character and he seems very genuine. He cares about his family, friends and the other people on the tour.  Even Cam, the head roadie, who tries to make his life a living hell.  I sort of like his friend Melinda, but she can be pretty bratty.  Owen is an ok character. He’s supposed to be “gifted”, but he does really dumb things sometimes.  I like that the author doesn’t make a big deal over the fact that he’s gay. I do like that this is from a guy’s point of view. 97% of YA books are from a girl’s pov.

There are quite a few secrets that are kept/revealed in this book.  Leo has a habit of hiding things from people to try to shield them.  It doesn’t seem to work very well for him. I saw one of the twists coming, but the other one was a little surprising. There is some romance towards the end of the book, but it’s very light.  I like that everyone ends up happy at the end of the book. It made me smile.

I’d recommend this to anyone who likes reading about rock n roll, punks and music with a little romance thrown in somewhere.

Review of Revealed (House of Night #11) by P.C. & Kristin Cast


I bought this off of Amazon and ended up with the UK version.  I like this cover and think it’s pretty.

This is the 11th, and penultimate,  book in the House of Night series and things are a mess as usual.  Spoiler alert: people die.  The authors have been killing off a few characters in each book, so I won’t say who, but one was semi-sad.  I’m making a prediction that Aphrodite will end up being the hero of the series, especially with how this one ended.

This book had a lot of things going on.  Besides the deaths, there’s Old Magick, a new love connection that sort of surprised me (because it happened randomly), a lot of fire usage, and the reader learns more about Shaylin’s gift. There’s also a brief mention of Damien’s new love interest, but I don’t see them getting together before the series ends in the next book.

I’ve been liking Aphrodite’s character more and more and that continues in this book.  Even though she’s mean (aka “hateful”), she’s still helping Zoey and she has to go through a lot when she gets a vision.  They sound like they’re pretty painful.

The ending of the book surprised me.  Well, I was surprised about Zoey.  Neferet, not so much. Book 12 needs to get here asap!