Review of Revealed (House of Night #11) by P.C. & Kristin Cast


I bought this off of Amazon and ended up with the UK version.  I like this cover and think it’s pretty.

This is the 11th, and penultimate,  book in the House of Night series and things are a mess as usual.  Spoiler alert: people die.  The authors have been killing off a few characters in each book, so I won’t say who, but one was semi-sad.  I’m making a prediction that Aphrodite will end up being the hero of the series, especially with how this one ended.

This book had a lot of things going on.  Besides the deaths, there’s Old Magick, a new love connection that sort of surprised me (because it happened randomly), a lot of fire usage, and the reader learns more about Shaylin’s gift. There’s also a brief mention of Damien’s new love interest, but I don’t see them getting together before the series ends in the next book.

I’ve been liking Aphrodite’s character more and more and that continues in this book.  Even though she’s mean (aka “hateful”), she’s still helping Zoey and she has to go through a lot when she gets a vision.  They sound like they’re pretty painful.

The ending of the book surprised me.  Well, I was surprised about Zoey.  Neferet, not so much. Book 12 needs to get here asap!


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