Review of Fledgling by Octavia E. Butler

This book had a storyline that could’ve been really interesting, but instead the author chose to tell everything instead of showing anything. I couldn’t really get into the book and made myself finish it. It was like those lame movies that I watch until the end to see if they’ll get any better.

The book is about Shori, a young vampire girl, who has amnesia caused by a head wound. She wakes up in the woods not knowing who or what she is, but she knows that she needs blood to survive and heal herself. When she comes out of the woods she starts walking along the road and meets a man named Wright who takes her home and cleans her up. Then she bites him and they sleep together, even though she looks like she’s 11. Mmhmm.

She tells him how to get to where she was and they discover a little village that has been burned down and, after they’re attacked by a guy with a gun, find out that there’s a guy with a helicopter who has been stopping by the site. He ends up being Shori’s father and we learn that they’re called Ina. He tells her her name, explains that males and females live apart and offers them refuge in his little community. All of this could have been so much more interesting. There are more fires, more people are killed, Shori and her people end up with some elders, there are more deaths and there’s a big trial. The whole thing ends up being about race because some of the older Ina don’t like that they mixed human and vampire dna to make Shori, who is black and can walk in the sun. I understand what the author was going for, but none of it worked for me.

I really didn’t care about any of it or any of the people involved. I can’t recommend this to anyone.


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