Review of How To Fast Money With Garage Sales and Craigslist by Lee Beattie

This book is supposed to be full of tips to help you sell on Craigslist. Instead the author tells you how to find bulk clothing lots on there that you can sell at your yard sale. I really thought it would have tips on how to format things or make listings look better.

This book really needs an editor. There’s a lot of missing punctuation, misspelling, run on sentences, such as “Sound good now this worked for us and can work for you as well actually you can make even more money if your a go getter.” Other parts just don’t make sense such as “Seriously as you may know we over delivered on the items sold and just got items out period in the masses.” How is the reader supposed to know anything that the author did? The author also likes to repeat. The fact that they’re having a yard sale, that they needed to downsize and that their sale was only 6 hours total is repeated a lot. At least 10 times each.

The author claims that he is going to share his system with you, but never does. He doesn’t really make an outline either. I downloaded this book because I’m trying to find a way to make a bit more money for the holidays. It didn’t help. I got this book for free and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


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