Review of Redeemed (House of Night #12) by P.C. & Kristin Cast


I was really excited when I finally got this book. I’ve enjoyed reading this series and the covers are always nice.

Redeemed picks up right where Revealed left off, with Zoey in trouble and Neferet being evil. The book is full of action, but it also takes the time to spotlight each of the main characters a bit. This made me happy because the friendship between Zoey and her “Nerd Herd” has been one of my favorite things about the series. I’m also really happy that the authors didn’t just forget about the relationships that Stevie Rae, Shaylin and Damien are in.

There are more deaths in this book, but I was only sad about one of them. The main focus is on how, or if, Zoey and her circle can finally defeat Neferet.  She’s been a great nemesis for Zoey and, while I feel bad about her past, she must be stopped.

I think this book is a good ending to the series. If it went any longer it would’ve been way too drawn out.


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