Review of The Man With the White Face: An Urban Legend by Micah Ackerman


This story was ok, but I didn’t think it was “mind-bending” or really scary. It was weird and the ending was predictable. There were also some grammatical errors. I also thought it was going to be about an actual urban legend, but it’s not.

The main character, Jay, is supposed to be “highly intelligent” yet he doesn’t really come across that way. He refers to the “Man with the White Face” as a variety of different insults (asshole, dickhead, etc.)which was kind of entertaining. Maybe that’s where the “R-rated” part comes from.

The videos that the man makes Jay watch are gruesome and violent but, even though I could picture them, they sounded like something out of a cheap shock film. I found it hard to believe that he could be affected by all of it so soon.

I think this would be better if it was edited and if the idea was fleshed out more. I’m happy that this was free and short. I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone.


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