Review of The Witch Sea by Sarah Diemer

The Witch Sea is a short story about a lonely witch named Meriel who lives in a lighthouse off the shore of Bound Island. She is tasked with keeping the magic web in place so the sea creatures can’t get onto or off of the island. Her life is pretty monotonous until, on the night of the new moon, a seal breaks through the web. The sea god who lives on the island helps the seal transform into a human woman name Nor and sends her to visit Meriel everyday in hopes of getting her to undo the spell.

I like the progression of Meriel’s character throughout the story. At the beginning she keeps the web going because she promised her mother that she would. She feels like it’s her duty but, as she starts getting closer to Nor, she questions whether or not she’s doing the right thing. She begins to question everything that her mother had told her about the sea folk and about why they keep the web together. The ending was sad, but I think I would’ve done the same thing.

I would recommend this to fans of short stories and fantasy.

It’s currently free on Amazon.


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