Review of Volumetrics Diet: The Ultimate Wight Loss Plan or Myth by The SteadyHealth Community

I was asked to read this book an give my honest opinion. It was also free on Amazon at the time.

The book is pretty short and it’s supposed to give you an idea of what Volumetrics is (eating more veggies and drinking more water instead of drinking soda and eating junk) and how it can help you. This was done through interviews with people that have used it.

To be completely honest, I felt like I was reading the script from an infomercial. I do not believe that every person would explain stuff like “Well, one apple has this many carbs and is much more filling than a cookie.” There were also some grammatical errors and one person repeated themselves a bit.

The book was ok. It’s  good if you want to know about the diet or get a few quick recipes.


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