Review of A Sprinkling of Lesbian Short Stories by Q. Kelly

A Sprinkling of Lesbian Short Stories has four stories featuring women of all different ages, but focuses mostly on older women. All of them were good, but “Welcome to Paradise” is my favorite. The description says that it’s the basis for one of the author’s other books (“Third”) and I am definitely interested in reading that now.

“The Old Woman” was ok, but the idea of a 25 year old and a 75 year old dating was a little weird to me. The characters seemed happy though.

“Cupid Pulls a Prank” was funny with a happy ending. In this one Cupid gets bored so she decides to check the headlines on Yahoo! to see if there’s anyone she can mess with. She decides that the presidential debate between two women (a Democrat and Republican) will do so she makes them like each other. Once she realized they already have feelings for each other, she takes it back. I like that part of the story is told through the headlines.

“The Night They Drank Wine” is about two women who are sister-in-laws that wake up naked in bed together after drinking the night before Neither of them mentions it again, but they develop feelings for each other and wonder what life would be like without their husbands. It was alright.

“Welcome to Paradise” is about a woman named Helen Franklin who is going home to see her dying father. While she’s there she meets Ben, who she mistakes for a security guard, and is horrified when she realizes that they’re keeping a woman named Anne prisoner. Things get crazier when she finds out that the woman is her inheritance from her father, who was a successful time traveler. As an expert on all thinks Tudor, she is surprised to find out who Anne really is. Ben is a bit of a creeper near the end, but all of the characters are well written and the plot is believable.


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