Review of The Discreet Lesbian: (Episode 1 in the Mandy Series) by Mackenzie Stone

I liked the story and the main character, Mandy. She had a rough childhood and tried to make a better life for herself as she got older. Growing up Southern Baptist in a small town in the 1950’s didn’t make that easy. I like how she rationalizes things and the author does a great job conveying her emotions. I could feel her joy when she adopted her son and her disappointment when there was trouble in her marriage.

The relationship between her and Kathleen developed naturally and I love that they didn’t just jump into bed together. It ended kind of abruptly though and then you have to buy the next “episode.” I might continue the series.


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I love reading, listening to music, watching wrestling and spending time with my friends and family. I read mostly Young Adult books and I love paranormal books, especially vampire ones. I am originally from Connecticut, but I live in Maryland now. I have a book buying habit and I'm addicted to the book section of my local thrift shop.

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