Review of The Essential Pocket Philip K Dick by Andrew M Butler



One of my housemates loaned me this book after we were discussing science fiction movies. I like the way it is written and I think it is a great way to introduce Philip K Dick to people who have never heard of him (like me).
I like the way the author set up the book. He gives a synopsis of each story, explains who the main figures were and how they fit into Dick’s character archetypes, and gives his verdict with a rating out of five. Some of them are pretty funny. “This story talks about diaphragms and inter-racial couples? I wonder why it didn’t sell in 1958.”
I found it interesting that someone who was kind of “out there” stuck to the same themes and characters in each story. A father figure, the dark-haired girl, a cat, etc. I plan on finding some of the stories so I can come up with my own verdict.
I would recommend it to people who want to learn more about this author and to people who are already fans of his.



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