Review of This Song is (Not) For You by Laura Nowlin


I really enjoyed this book. The characters are interesting and well written, the imagery is excellent and I really like the author’s writing style. The characters (Ramona, Sam and Tom) compliment each other well while still being their own person.

The book starts out with the three main characters applying for an arts school. While they’re in the waiting room, Ramona introduces herself to Tom and decides that he needs to be in a band with her and her best friend, Sam. He agrees and their lives get better and more exciting from there.

They learn a lot about themselves and what they want in life through their friendship and the music and art that they of them create. My favorite thing about them is how accepting they are of each other and those around them. I like that each character knows who they are and what they believe in. There are some unconventional themes in the book, but they work for the characters.

If there was a sequel, I would read it in a heart beat. 5/5 Stars.

I got this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.


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I love reading, listening to music, watching wrestling and spending time with my friends and family. I read mostly Young Adult books and I love paranormal books, especially vampire ones. I am originally from Connecticut, but I live in Maryland now. I have a book buying habit and I'm addicted to the book section of my local thrift shop.

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