Organizing Plain & Simple by Donna Smallin



I found this book at the thrift shop and it seemed like it would help me to get organized. A lot of the tips were things that I’m already doing, but I did get some useful ideas from it.

The author covers the entire house on room at a time and includes sections for insurance. She gives helpful guidance on what to keep or toss, how to organize things and a list of what you should really need for each area. I don’t have kids, a garage or cellar, so those areas didn’t help me much, but it was still a nice read. Smallin’s tone is light and fun. She really knows what she’s talking about and conveys it in a nice way.

I learned more about my refrigerator (I’ve never really thought about how to use my crisper drawers.) and which fruits and vegetables I should and shouldn’t put in there.  I also learned that I can store Christmas lights by wrapping them around an empty wrapping paper tube. I never would’ve though of that. No more fighting with tangled strands of lights for me! There’s a list of helpful websites and I’ll be checking out a few of them.

I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to get organized and declutter their home.


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