Return to Midway by Robert D. Ballard and Rick Archbold


The cover of this book drew me in and, after reading about Ballard’s discovery of the Titanic and other ship’s wrecks, I knew it would be interesting.

I didn’t know much about the Battle of Midway before reading this. I’d heard about it, but that was it. The book presents a detailed account of the battle and the ships involved. Ballard brings two American and two Japanese veterans with him to search for the ships involved, two American and four Japanese. I thought it was great that the veteran’s were able to accompany Ballard on this expedition and that they got along.

Most of the book focuses on telling what happened during the battle and looking for the ship is written in updates that are like journal entries. Given the amount of time that they had and the amount of technical issues with their surveillance robot, they didn’t have time to find all of the ships. They did find the USS Yorktown though and that’s the one that’s featured on the cover.

For being at the bottom of the ocean, I was surprised at how well the ship had held up. It was in one piece, you could still read the name and numbers painted on it and the guns looked like they were ready to fire. It was eerie and amazing at the same time.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes reading about history, war and shipwrecks.


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