Freaks I’ve Met by Donald Jans


I won this in a First Reads giveaway on Goodreads that I entered because the description sounded funny. I wasn’t disappointed. Freaks I’ve Met is about a man named Jack Fitzpatrick who is moving from Spokane, Washington to Los Angeles, California to be a male model after running into a talent agent at a car wash. That doesn’t exactly work out but, after a few temp jobs, he eventually finds a more permanent job at Freedom Capital, a bond broker. Insanity ensues.

Some of the situations that Jack finds himself in are so outrageous or messed up that they’re just hilarious. I started laughing out loud at this book while reading it in the mall before work. The story flows well and I liked the author’s writing style.

The end of the book was alright and it ended on an entertaining note. If you like to laugh and don’t mind swearing, check it out.


Review of The Misfits by James Howe


This book is one that I found at the thrift shop and I chose it based off of the description and author. I’ve read Howe’s Bunnicula books, but I didn’t know that he wrote young adult books as well. This one might technically be considered “middle grade fiction” since the characters are 12 and in middle school.
The book is written from the perspective of Bobby Goodspeed and it’s about him reflecting on the time in seventh grade when him and his friends (Addie, Joe and Skeezie) ran for student council as the No Name Party. I honestly feel that their platform (name calling hurts) and slogan (“Sticks and stones may break out bones, but names will break our spirit.”) is really good. The book talks about each character and what their home life is like. Our narrator, is an overweight kid working in a tie store to try to help his dad out after his mom passed away from cancer, Addie is an over achiever, Skeezie is sloppy kid with divorced parents and Joe is gay and artsy.
I think the character were well rounded and the story was well written. I like the bit at the end that tells the reader what each character became when they grew up. I would recommend this to middle and high school students.

Review of Thank You Notes 2 by Jimmy Fallon


I found this book at Dollar Tree and had to get it. The “Thank You Notes” music instantly popped into my head. It’s one of my favorite parts of Jimmy’s show and I try to watch it every Friday.
The book consists of a thank you note with a photo on each page. Some were funnier than others. It was fun to flip through, but I was hoping it would be funnier. I’m sure they save the really good ones for the show though.
If you’re a fan of Jimmy Fallon and enjoy the “Thank You Notes” segment of the show, check it out. It’s a fun, quick read.

How May We Hate You?: Notes from the Concierge Desk by Anna Drezen & Todd Briscoe


“How My We Hate You?” is a fun, quick read written by two hotel concierges who work in New York City. After having a popular blog by the same name, they wrote this book about some of the more interesting (aka crazy) people that they’ve encountered.

Some sections are written by both of them and others have separate entries by each of them. Even though I don’t work in a hotel, I do work in retail. I swear some of the same people have come through my store.

If you’re looking an entertaining read, I recommend this one. Especially if you have ever worked in retail or hospitality.

I got this book for free from the Blogging For Books website. All opinions are my own.