The WWE Book of Top 10’s by DK Publishing


This book was a fun read and I enjoyed remembering some moments from when I was younger. Chris Jericho’s foreword and list made me laugh out loud.  I didn’t agree with the placement of some things or people on the lists, but I think that’s normal with any type of Top 10 list. I was surprised that some people were left out of certain lists (Specifically, that Seth Rollins wasn’t on the list of NXT Champions when he was the first one ever and that Dean Ambrose wasn’t on the list of United States Champions when he has the longest modern reign) and on other lists I was happy that people or matches were included.

Some moments are on more than one list and that was a bit redundant, but other than that, the lists were good. There are also a lot of great color photos in the book of wrestlers from throughout wrestling history. I’m happy to have this as part of my wrestling book collection.

I rated this one a 3/5. I would recommend this to any WWE or wrestling fan out there.


Review of Serendipity’s Footsteps by Suzanne Nelson


I won this book through a First Reads giveaway on Goodreads. It’s has different interweaving narratives, but the main three focus on Dalya, Ray and Pinny and the role shoes have had in their lives. I like the writing style and the story flows well.

Dalya’s story was really sad and I don’t think I would’ve survived what she went through. I was happy that she lived and eventually found happiness, but getting there wasn’t easy. Ray is a loner with a rough past who just wants to escape her current situation and make music, but Pinny, another girl from the orphanage who has down syndrome, decides to tag along and messes up her plans. After a series of misadventures, the two girls finally arrive in New York.

I like the idea of using shoes to tie things together. I think that was really unique. I’m not really a fan of the ending though. I felt like everything was wrapped up a little too neatly. I have no problem, with happy endings, but it seemed a bit too convenient.