Review of Confinement (A Novella of Horror) by C. Michael Powers

My friend Meghan recommended this story to me and she gifted me a copy, which was uber nice of her.

Confinement is about a young Air Force cop named Sikes who has to do the graveyard shift at a creepy building where a prisoner is being held. He’ll be locked in all night with anther AF person who has to monitor the second and third floors while he watches the first floor and the basement. He can watch tv or whatever as long as he makes his rounds every hour. Seems easy enough right? Nope.

First his imagination starts going into overdrive and creeping him out, but is he really in danger? The story has a slow beginning, but it gets pretty creepy pretty quickly. I really liked the twists that the author put into the story and the ending was really good.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes the horror genre.


Review of The Secret Journal of Ichabod Crane by Alex Irvine


I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review.

I think this book is a great tie-in to the show.  I like the cover and really like the paper it was printed on. That might sound weird, but I’m ok with that. It’s a nice, soft, thin paper that seems like it could be old. It also has what looks like dirt and smudges on it.

The book recaps each episode of the first season from Ichabod’s point of view. I love all of the background information that I learned on each character and the locations.  A lot of research must’ve gone into this book.

The author did an excellent job at capturing Ichabod’s character and personality. His little lists and his observations of modern society/technology are funny. I like when he talks about watching television, using the internet and using a cell phone.

There’s a part in the book where he’s talking about love and I really liked what he said: <i> “True love consists not in possessing another, but in two minds, two hearts, meeting one another as equals, neither reaching to grasp yet both consenting to be held.” </i>

I would recommend this book to fans of the Sleepy Hollow tv show, which are apparently called “Sleepyheads.”

Book blast for A Cat Taught Me That – Life’s Lessons From Felines by Charlotte Gerber

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Book Blast Date: 10/1/2014

Genres: Memoir, Humor




A Cat Taught Me That Cover


Catnap often. Don’t be a stalker unless food is involved. Despite the rumor, it is okay to be curious! A Cat Taught Me That is filled with humorous advice and the wisdom of elder cats that includes information on how to get more out of life, and how to avoid common pitfalls along the way. Cat lovers will enjoy the adorable photographs and cute illustrations throughout.

Celebrity cat ‘Awesome Louie’ provides insight with his gritty cat interviews, as well as sage advice with his “Mewsings” column. Short essays from the cat-lady author will bring smiles to the faces of readers who have learned that “Not All That Glitters is Gold” and “To Be Kissed By a Cat” can have unintended consequences.





“A Little Indulgence is Okay”

I’m Louie and I’ve been told I have a problem with cat treats. Of course, a problem is in the eye of the beholder. In my eyes, loving cat treats isn’t a problem unless I run out of them.

After I was rescued, I learned three things about my caregiver and new best friend. First, food was readily available day or night; I would never be hungry again. Second, I was now living in a house that was warm and cozy; freezing outside in the winter was highly unlikely. Third, I learned about this tasty food called “snacks”. I would come to love it when my caregiver announced the magical words with enthusiasm – “Kitty treats!”

When I was first introduced to this fabulous dining experience, the flavors included turkey, beef and chicken. Eventually catnip and dairy-flavored treats entered the scene. Once I tasted those little nuggets of goodness, I was hooked.

I perfected the sad kitty face, which is subtle and very effective when done properly. The trick is to look longingly at your target and try not to blink. Raise a paw in a slightly pathetic manner towards the treat container as the caregiver opens it – a classic move.

While my owner swears that she may check me into a clinic for cats with food addictions, she is more purr than hiss. I know that the next time she comes home from the pet store with kitty snacks, she’ll rattle the bag because she knows I’m listening. I’ll come racing into the kitchen like a furry, 16 pound bowling ball on steroids, and she’ll love me for it. And give me treats.

Take it from me, you can never be too furry or have too many treats!


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About the Author:

Charlotte Gerber began her writing career penning content articles on the Internet. Her articles have appeared on and the New York Times/ Disability site, as well as numerous other outlets. She is also the author of Murder in Middleton and I Dream of Zombies (Rose Lee’s Zombie Adventures series).

Charlotte lives in upstate New York with her husband Gregg, two teenage children, one dog and ten rescued cats. She is a disability advocate, a supporter of animal rescue missions and the U.S. Military.


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