Review of Rock On: An Office Power Ballad by Dan Kennedy

This is another one of my “thrift shop finds.” The book is about the time the author spent working at a major record label. It’s pretty entertaining, but sometimes I couldn’t believe the things he was doing. He spent $1,500 on photo frames and $365 on a jacket and I couldn’t imagine spending so much money just to try to impress people.

I liked reading about all the different people in the office and the author’s socially awkward behavior. I also liked the story about The Donnas making a public service announcement about school shootings. I used to listen to them. His story about the Fat Joe commercial was funny too. It seemed like the author just found himself in these random situations while he worked there.

If you like reading about the music industry, you’ll probably like this book.


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I love reading, listening to music, watching wrestling and spending time with my friends and family. I read mostly Young Adult books and I love paranormal books, especially vampire ones. I am originally from Connecticut, but I live in Maryland now. I have a book buying habit and I'm addicted to the book section of my local thrift shop.

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